VERO, 'Limited Edition' Monsooned Malabar Coffee Capsules Pack

Tasting Notes: Monsooned malabar is world’s most exotic specialty coffee with high global demand. It has a good strength, aromatic flavour, low acidity and mellow taste.
Coffee Origin: Blends of specialty grade mneb coffee, aa arabica beans & robusta beans carefully hand-picked from exquisite coffee-growing heritage of india. Roasted, blended & ground in india.
Product Compatibility: Vero capsules are compatible with vero infuso coffee maker machine and original line of nespresso machines. Great tasting & premium coffee capsule pods!
Product Quality: Each individual capsule is nitrogen flushed, strictly oxygen extracted, and packed with an airtight four layer foil. Hence, nothing interferes with the fresh flavors, aromas, and constant taste of a vero coffee.; Shelf Life: Each capsule pod is nitrogen flushed and has anti-barrier properties giving it a 12 months shelf life from the date of packaging.
Package Content: Pack of 5 Monsooned Malabar Coffee Capsules; Quantity: 50 Capsules (Each 10 Capsules)


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