Apart from roasting, selling and making all different kinds of coffee, we also stock (or are able to order) some of the best coffee equipment money can buy. The same commitment we have to coffee, offering you only freshly roasted beans, we have to equipment. Do we roast our equipment? No, let us explain:

For those of you who visited The Lounge before, you might (or might not) have seen the selection of plungers, coffee machines, coffee grinders, etc. on show in The Lounge. We only stock small quantities of these excellent products, firstly because we are focussing on the end product, coffee, but secondly to make sure that the coffee equipment you are buying from us would not just complete the journey of the coffee bean, from the tree to your cup, but that it will also make an impression on your friends and family. By stocking small quantities of general items, we are able to provide for the immediate need. Should you require a more specific piece of equipment, we will order it for you directly from the suppliers.

Our equipment caters for the full journey of the bean. Whether you want to roast your own beans, grind the beans for your plunger, make an espresso or normal plunger coffee, or serve it in the most beautiful coffee mugs money can buy, we will be able to help you.

Our current suppliers are (in alphabetic order) Bialetti, Bodum, Coffee-Tech Engineering and Jura. Please click on the logo’s below to open a page specific to the supplier.


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