Decaffeinated Coffee

____________________  THE ACT OF REMOVING CAFFEINE FROM COFFEE BEANS  ____________________


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Decaffeination is the act of removing caffeine from coffee beans, cocoa, tea leaves and other caffeine-containing materials. Despite removal of caffeine, many decaffeinated drinks still have around 1-2% of the original caffeine remaining in them.

In the case of coffee, various methods can be used. The process is usually performed on unroasted (green) beans.

The CO2 process is technically known as supercritical fluid extraction. In the carbon dioxide method, the caffeine is stripped directly from the beans by a highly compressed semi-liquid form of carbon dioxide.[3] Pre-steamed beans are soaked in a bath of supercritical carbon dioxide at a pressure of 73 to 300 atmospheres. After a thorough soaking for around ten hours, the pressure is reduced, allowing the CO2 to evaporate, or the pressurized CO2 is run through either water or charcoal filters to remove the caffeine. The carbon dioxide is then used on another batch of beans.[4] This liquid works better than water because it is kept in supercritical state near the transition from liquid to gas, combining favorable diffusivity properties of the gas with increased density of a liquid. This process has the advantage that it avoids the use of potentially harmful substances.

Colombia CO2 (Colombia)

Full City Roast - The aromatics are fairly mild, fruited, and have marked sweetness, nut roast tones, and hints of citrus. There are more toasty nut notes in the wet aromatics, with raisin fruit. The cup is quite lively and bright at City+ roast levels, reminding of the really nice Ethiopia decafs. In fact, some might want to take this to Full City roast to tone down the cup. I found my favorite roast was Full City, before the 2nd crack, where the cup had the most balance. The aftertaste has a well defined, cleanly-disappearing sweetness. The body is fairly light at City+, which is not at all a negative because it suits the brisk nature of this cup. It rounds out considerably at Full City roast.


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