Artisan Blends

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Artisan Blends

African Gold

The medium body and a combination of floral and earthy aromas will draw you in with the taste in your mouth being sweet with hints of caramel and chocolate. It has a medium finish and low acidity.


Afternoon Bliss

Belgium Chocolate with smokey spice, traces of lemon peel and apricot aromas with a touch of nuttiness and mild acidity makes this the perfect coffee to help you unwind and with the lower caffeine content it won't keep you up all night.


Black Velvet


Breakfast Blend

Its full flavours and rich aromas, its nuttiness and low acidity, wooded wine aromas mixed with blackberry makes this the ideal get up and go coffee.


Cape Blue Mountain

Blended to mimick the legendary Blue Mountain of Jamaica which is too espensive to drink regularly. Our blend will roll over your palet with the smoothness of full cream milk. With the combination of flavours the balance is reached perfectly with fruit and acidity.


Continental Blend

Mild Italian style coffee; low acidity with lovely nutty, chocolate and winey berry taste. Its light body makes it an easy drinking coffee.

K4 House Blend

Famous 4 beans mixture result in smooth, sweet and spicy with a hint of dark chocolate and dark roasted almonds the ir might be a winery dryness left in your mouth with a short finish. Good body with just enough aroma. Enjoyed from espresso to latte. Crema has a distinct leopard skin pattern.


Lilly Blend

Smooth balanced with pleasing nuances, this coffee is both sweet & rich with its aromatic notes of caramel & chocolate.


Mocca Java

The Classic taste enjoyed all over the world. Balanced and pleasing in all respects: flavour acidity and body.


Organic Blend

Grown at high altitudes this coffee has intense aromatic notes. Well balanced with good acidity and sweet floral undertones.


Snob's Espresso

Natural sweetness with a slight acidity, a wonderful fragrance topped off with a full creamy body. Hints of dark chocolate and berries may be experienced. Floral notes and a medium to long finish.

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