Coffees of Origin

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Coffees of Origin

Africa and Asia

Bugisu Mount Elgon AA (Uganda)

City Roast - The Uganda coffee is a Bugisu Mount Elgon AA. This coffee comes from the eastern region of Uganda. The Mount Elgon mountains form the border with Kenya and is recognised as the most premium quality region as it rises to hight of 2200 meteres above sea level. As a AA grade coffee, the beans are bold in size and generally uniform with a defect count of 10 defects per 300 grams. The lack of pesticides results in the odd insect damaged bean being present. The Ugandan coffees have a good round body a light citric acidity, common to washed African Arabicas.


Kenya AB (Kenya)

Full City Roast - On the dry grounds there's a potent classic bubblegum fragrance, very sweet and very much cherry and mango. On the wet aroma these notes intensify, showing a little more floral character with the mango on the break. The warm cup is juicy black bherry and a clear satin body. There's the mango and a ungent, floral fruit, like guava with some clove in the warm Full City cup. A syrupy finish with a bit of snappy dryness just at the aftertaste. The mouthfeel is folded satin, layered but very clean and silky. There's an intense and sustained brightness, yet it's a very well balanced and sweet cup.


Kouoptamo (Camaroon)


Limu (Ethiopia)

Full City Roast - The dry fragrance at Full City roast has a malt chocolate sweetness, as well as toasted almonds. The wet aroma is quite roasty and pungent. The cup is all about chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate. It seems to be layered with different cocoa qualities that change as the coffee passes across the palate and as the cup cools. But there is also lemon and melon fruit flavors lurking behind the chocolate alkaloids, and they come out more as the cup reaches mouth temperature. It's a fairly low acid coffee for an Ethiopia, less brightness than other Ethiopian coffees. At Full City+ roast the espresso has creamy mouthfeel, chocolate, and very subdued fruited hints.


Mzuzu (Malawi)


Rwanda (Rwanda)


Sidamo - Organic (Ethiopia)

City Roast - More developed roasts have more of that whole wheat fig bar flavor, turning to 70% dark chocolate, which is maintained through the long finish. There are floral notes throughout the roast spectrum, but they definitely benefit more at the lighter roast levels. This Sidamo has great body and amazing mouthfeel, which translates into an amazing singel origin (SO) espresso. Lots of chocolate with bracing, citrus acidity - like a dark chocolate orange. This is a very versatile coffee that does extremely well in all applications. The natural "Sweet Coffee".


Yergacheffe (Ethiopia)

City Roast - The dry fragrance is highly floral, lemon blossom scents, and ripe cherry fruit notes. It has a candy-like sweetness that is underscored in the wet aromatics as well. An aroma of lavender, stone fruits and mandarin orange emerge and an amaretto hint. The cup has sweet fruited notes, floral elements, and a silky mouthfeel. Peach nectar, apricot preserves, sweet mandarin orange, almond, passion fruit juice; these are some of the delicate fruited notes. Jasmine tea, rose hips and hibiscus notes come forward as the cup cools. Refined finish and very low caffine.

Indian Plantation (India)

Full City Roast - The dry fragrance has a clean nutty tone in its roast aspect, and unique spices. The fragrance is almost savory, with aromatic wood scents as well. The wet aroma is slightly fruited with baked apple, with cinnamon and allspice. the cup is complex, loaded with exotic spices as well as possessing in striking brightness. In fact, unique blend of savory spices. There is sage, cardomom, a little cumin, cinammon stick, as well as dried fruit (qishr, cascara), apple cider ... its complex! It is accented with a clean an well-defined fruit acidity. And this persists throughout the roast range. It finishes with a potent sweetness, somewhat rustic and cedary, but clean.


Kalossi - Java (Indonesia)

Vienna Roast - The break shows darker fruit notes like blackberry along with fresh cut cedar. The mouth feel was buttery, heavy. Oaked wine came to mind with sweetness as it was saturated and just big. The Full City roast had a grat dark fruit flavor, lke blackberry and was accented by bittersweet chocolate sweetness and walnut finish. It has a slight herbal and sweet wood notes common in a lot of Indonesian coffees it has so much more to offer at both roast levels.


Mandheling (Indonesia)

Vienna Roast - This is a deep, brooding, bass-note coffee, with an undertone of mildly earthy dark chocolate. The dry fragrance has a chocolate bittersweet taste, and just a trace of foresty earth and floral herbs. the wet aroma has a bit of peppery pungency, molasses, and Ricola-like dark herbal notes. The cup has layered chocolate roas taste, moderate brightness, thick body. This lot is very nice because it has a hint of the fruit too, mango / peach. The finish has a slight dryness and bittersweet quality, reminiscent of Bakers Chocolate. There's a clove spice note that emerges as the cup cools.


Monsooned Basanally (India)

Central and South America

Costa Rica Narango (Costa Rica)


El Salvador Quetta (El Salvador)

Full City Roast - The dry fragrance and a healthy dose of dark cocoa. Caramel-butter aromatics emerge in the wet grounds, with chocolate syrup, cocoa powder, and stone fruit permeating from beneath the crust. Fresh cedar and forest floor flavors are marked in both roasts. The flavor profile is dominated by sweeter creme fraiche flavors, bittersweet cacao but remains tart enough with its tartaric acidity. While the finish reminds of high % cacao in the Full City+ roast which would also translate into a balanced, semi-sweet espresso; kinda like what you would expect to get in Italy even though you won't.


Finca Monte Grande (Mexico)


Guatemala Antigua (Guatamala)

City+ Roast - The dry fragrance has caramel and cocoa. There's modest fruit and citrus hints as well, which come out clearly in the wet aroma. The cup has a restrained flavor profile, typical for Antiqua coffees as well as Bourbon cultivar. It's exceptionally clean, with a well-integrated acidic snap that gives the coffee a well-structured overall. Mild citrus brightness and sweet orange aroma yields to an almond and malt roast taste. It finishes with toffee-like Belgium dark Chocolate roast sweetness. It's a very refined cup, approachable, with much revealed as it cools. It's also just a great sippin' coffee.


Guatemala Finca El Morito (Guatamala)


Honduras - Organic (Honduras)

City+ Roast - This is a balanced, mild, somewhat "restrained" flavor profile, with good nutty tones. The fragrance has an overall dry-roasted peanut / almond tone, and a cocoa powder scent. In the wet aromatics, there is toasted coconut, almond, and a touch of honey sweetness. The cup is mild, but has crisp, bracing bittersweetness from light chocolate and nutty flavors. There is a buttery quality to the mouthfeel, the body registers as middling, not that light, nor that thick. As it cools there is malted milk ball sweetness in the mid-palate turning to bittersweet in the aftertaste. It's a little drying in the finish, with almond skin flavor.


Las Caramalitas (Nicaragua)

Cerrado (Brazil)

Full City Roast - The lighter roast dry fragrance has strong toasted almond-hazelnut aspect and an interesting malty grain sweet note with a pine hint. There's a touch of tamari in there too, a more savory / umami tone. Add water and the wet aromatics become sweeter. The cup has a nice clarity in light roasts that distinguishes it. The body is huge, almost call it sticky, the way in clings to the palate. There is a classic nutty Brazil roast tone (hazelnut, macadamia) at Full City roast.


Bucamaranga (Colombia)


Decaf: Colombia CO2 (Colombia)

Full City Roast - The aromatics are fairly mild, fruited, and have marked sweetness, nut roast tones, and hints of citrus. There are more toasty nut notes in the wet aromatics, with raisin fruit. The cup is quite lively and bright at City+ roast levels, reminding of the really nice Ethiopia decafs. In fact, some might want to take this to Full City roast to tone down the cup. I found my favorite roast was Full City, before the 2nd crack, where the cup had the most balance. The aftertaste has a well defined, cleanly-disappearing sweetness. The body is fairly light at City+, which is not at all a negative because it suits the brisk nature of this cup. It rounds out considerably at Full City roast.

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