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Letter from fans, published in "Die Bolander"

Hallo Coenie & Liezel,

After our recent extensive search for your Solar Roastery and visit to sample and purchase some beans, you will be pleased to learn that we have become pleasantly "addicted" to your beans and have turned into coffee snobs - no more supermarket beans for us. Like airlines who entice travellers with their frequent flyer programmes, we intend joining your Snobs Members Club when next we stop by to replenish our supplies.

Thank you for your friendly response to our enquiries and the explanation of how you achieve the excellent flavours in your various blends - it was a good "education".

We have of course spread the good word amongst our friends who unlike did not happen to see your advertisement in the Bolander community newspaper (which like Eikestadnuus in Stellenbosch has a wide circulation throughout the Boland area).

We are sending Caroline Frost, Bolander's editor, a copy of this e-mail, and maybe she'll consider publishing an amusing little story about how to find your Roastery which is not easy, as most people in the area are unfamiliar with your tucked away location - we looked everywhere for solar panels on rooftops and after persevering, we eventually located you next to Waltons.

It was worth the extra effort because you also serve a wonderful cup of coffee, and the cakes are also very tempting.

Having owned and operated our own travel agency business for 15 years which we started from zero and grew to  R50 million is sales, a large portion of which was in response to good service, so we built repeat business and generated referrals; in addition we specifically marketed corporate business with innovative techniques. Like you, we enjoyed our business, so we wish you every success in your unique venture. We prefer to support small business enterprises who know where they're going and take a personal interest in their clients.

May the sun shine brightly on your solar panels!

Met vriendelike greet tot ones violence bespoke an julep snobs.

David Luyt & Bill van Rensburg

9 May 2011 - Districtmail