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South Africa's first Solar Coffee roastery! The only way to enjoy your Coffee in a new world economy where the focus is upon a self-sustainable lifestyle and a renewable energy source with the lowest possible CO2 footprint with our unique roasting process!

When you have your next cup of caffeine boost be mindful of the process applied to prepare your favourite cuppa. Almost all traditional coffee roasters consume LPG (liquid petroleum gas) as an energy source for roasting.

At Snob's Coffee we incorporate the most advanced roasting technology in the world to prepare coffee beans to the correct degree of roasting. Solar panels, using photovoltaic cells, supply electrical energy to inverters which in turn convert the energy to the correct levels for the SOLAR roasters.

The SOLAR roasters heats the beans with "Infrared Radiation" heaters in a revolving perforated drum. The drum transfers secondary heat to the beans via Conduction. At specific stages during the roasting process air is pulsed through the beans to create a fluidised bed to enhance the heat transfer via Thermo syhon and Convection.

The SOLAR roasters combines traditional "Drum roasting" and "Fluidised bed roasting"· processes in order to achieve consistent uniformity, resulting in full aroma and flavour. The process utilises no less than four heat transfer methods to carefully roast your coffee to perfection.

At Snob's Coffee Roastery you can pre-taste and purchase a vast range of Gourmet coffee's from the major coffee producing regions of the world, including Central America, South America, Africa and South East Asia. Popular coffees we roast include Harrar, Sidamo, Costa Rica, Marocogype, Bell Giana, Yergacheffe, Kenia as well as a few house blends and our own version of a full bodied Mocha Java.

As our name suggests, coffee to us is more than just a drink. How coffee is consumed, and by whom, is part of its continuing appeal and mystique. We offer an unique experience, combined with the natural health benefits of freshly solar roasted coffee and a environmentally friendly process.

Welcome to Snob's Coffee

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